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AAUS Diversity Scholarship

The AAUS Foundation is excited to announce the creation of the first AAUS Diversity Scholarship! SCUBA diving is well-known to have high barriers to entry including the cost of basic open water certification and necessary gear. This in turn limits the pool of applicants who are eligible for opportunities that require diving such as volunteering at aquariums, performing undergraduate and graduate research, or careers where SCUBA is important. Reports (DAN) have found that 77% of divers are Caucasian, 60% male, and 66% are college graduates. Each of these demographics are considered privileged and the effects may be additive. In order to begin to address the disparity between those who may and those who may not have access to entry to SCUBA, the AAUS Foundation is excited to announce the creation of the first AAUS need-based scholarship to address this. The scholarship is geared toward underrepresented groups in our community and will provide up to $1200 for an open water certification and some gear. Many people cannot participate in the scientific diving training that they need due to the fact that they simply cannot afford to get their Open Water Scuba Certification. We want to assist with this first major hurdle.
Applicant must:
• Be a current member of AAUS (student or full member).
• Be connected to an AAUS Organizational Member such as: graduate students whose thesis/dissertation work involved diving, undergraduate volunteers participating in research, aquarium volunteers or employees who would like to include diving in their job duties.
• Submit online application form.
• Submit a one-page personal statement (details on Foundation website).
• Ensure that one letter of support from a mentor (faculty advisor or other) is submitted electronically to [email protected]
• Agree to write an article for the E-Slate, a news publication of AAUS, describing the experience.

Completed applications are due June 30. More information and the online application, can be found at  www.aausfoundation.org/scholarships/apply now.  Send questions to the Scholarship Committee Chair at [email protected]